Women's Soccer Guidelines and Paperwork

February 27, 2017 starts the mandatory practice and season for girls soccer. In order to participate you will need, your golden ticket (parent permission form, pay to play, athletic code of conduct and physical) You will need to turn in your golden ticket at practice to be able to play.

Here is what you need everyday

3:10-5:00 for Junior Varsity Squads and Varsity Squad (unless otherwise indicated)

Students who appear on the eligibility list will be expected to be in Yantas' room 15 for mandatory study hall after school for 30 minutes everyday until off the eligibility list.

Only a parent can excuse the player from this requirement.

Prompt and good attendance is required. Unexcused absences will result in lessened playing time. Only a parent or teacher can excuse an absence

Each player needs to have the following everyday:


Shin guards

Water bottle

Running shoes

Training t-shirts


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Being a Captain

Soccer Handbook
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