Name: Marcelino B. Yantas




Degree: Journalism
School: Universidad "San Martin de Porres" Lima-Peru
Completion: 1977

Degree: MA in Curriculum & Instruction
School: University of Colorado at Denver
Completion: 2003

-English, Journalism
-Social Science
-ELA-S/ ELA-I/ ELA-E Qualified
-Foreign Languages, Spanish


Class Schedule

World Language

Room: 15

Period 1 . Spanish Level 2

Period 2. Planning

Period 3. Spanish Language Arts 2-3

Period 4. AP Spanish Language and Culture

Period 5. Lunch

Period 6. Spanish Language Arts 2-3

Period 7. Spanish Level 2

Period 8. Planning/Duty


Life Before Thomas Jefferson:

I have been teaching in DPS 16 years at the Middle and High School level. I have worked as a Science and Math teacher in ELA-S and as a Spanish Teacher. This is my fifth year at TJ. I worked for 26 years as a Journalist in Peru and I have coached Boys and Girls Soccer for 14 years in DPS.Denver Public Schools World Language